How to
behave inside
the white cube

The white cube refers to a gallery aesthetic with square or rectangular shape, white walls and a light source from the ceiling.

When visiting an art museum you are confronted with a few rules on what you can’t do and what you can’t bring inside. It can also be difficult to know beforehand what
is expected of you, and how to approach the exhibitions and the
art inside.

This is a guide that can help you along the way.
You can visit most museums on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Mondays are for resting your eyes.
Leave your animals outside.
But your $58.4 million Jeff Koons balloon dog is welcome!

Store your bigger belongings in the lockable lockers. Or keep your secrets hidden away forever and throw away the key.
No food or drinks are allowed in the exhibitions, but you don’t need to eat at the restaurants or cafés. There’s an indoor picnic area where you can eat your packed lunch.

Carry your backpack on your front. This way you have more control of the object, like a safe baby in a
baby carrier.
Borrow one of the black folding-stools to sit on if you get tired. But be careful while carrying it around.
Walk around freely.
The exhibition might be designed for you to follow a path.
But feel free to skip ahead or to leave whenever.

Look at the art. Do not touch it, but please let it touch you. If it doesn’t move you, you can move along to the next one.

Take photos!
But without flash and with no tripods or selfie sticks.
Any extension of your body
can be a risk.
Take notes with graphite pencil, it’s the safest choice and easiest to erase.
Talk and speak freely about the art. The hosts are happy to answer your questions.
But keep the noise down and
take that phone call when you
get outside.